customs clearance Australia

Bollinger offers their customers transparency & visibility through digital application thanks to their 28 years of experience in freight forwarding and customs clearance in Australia. We are able to provide you an affordable method of shipping your goods via the application, which will enable you to save more than 20% on the overall cost. As first global freight forwarders Sydney’s, we offer specialised services for both air and sea freight. You can simplify your goods by optimising the necessary components you require from the programme. Our online application is designed to give you up-to-the-minute updates, a 24/7 back-end service, exception management, and more.

Sydney Sea Freight Forwarders

In our capacity as top freight forwarders Australia’s, we are specialists in imports and exports from the United States. We prioritise delivering safe, effective, and affordable transit for your goods, therefore we make sure that our clients receive the best forwarding services. Our clever digital solution will minimise demurrage fees for late returns of the empty containers and save expensive wharf storage charges for late collection. On the other hand, our ocean freight specialists make sure that you receive our customer-focused services in addition to ensuring the seamless flow of cargo. Using the global LCL network, we combine numerous consignments into a single shipment; we are well-versed in the documentation procedure, particularly for developing nations; we provide affordable transportation services; and we minimize indirect taxes. Clients can pick the transporter that best suits their requirements for their organizations.

Why is a Customs Broker Required?

Importing goods into Australia is difficult. It requires a lot of paperwork, like licenses and certificates, as well as following all quarantine, Customs, and Australian Border Force regulations. There is a high likelihood of delays, penalties, and other issues, which might be inconvenient for people and bad for businesses. The hassle of importing products into Australia is eliminated by working with a reliable and respected Customs Broker from Customs Clearance Australia. We can quickly and smoothly clear your products through Customs Australia-wide, regardless of whether you have a small, medium, or big consignment, cargo restricted to personal things, or just a single item. We streamline the customs clearance Australia procedure for the rapid and simple discharge of your goods, and we have the trust of individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, and companies alike. Bollinger offers individuals, Australian companies, freight forwarders, and individuals a variety of customs clearance Australia services. Each Bollinger Customs Broker is aware that the trend towards online shopping and Australia’s demand for imports will only continue, and our growing emphasis on the retail market reflects this expansion. Each and every client is valued by our customs and clearing agents, who offer their knowledge to guarantee adherence to stringent customs regulations. In addition, we offer a “Duty Minimisation Guarantee” to help you save money whenever it’s possible under the law.